Sunday, January 06, 2013

Villa la Bella

Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Happy Hour: Fridays, 5 - 7 PM

After booking our flight and the hotel, a lot of my research for our big trip consisted of what to do and where to eat. I was super excited to see that there was a restaurant right on the water that had swings--yes, swings--at the bar. It turned out that there were many, many restaurants right on the water WITH swings at the bar. I guess it's more common than I had assumed.

Relaxing on a swing at the bar can be the most dreamy thing to do on a sunny afternoon. It can also prove to be just a little dangerous. (Watch your knees, people!) Having multiple opportunities to practice my swinging technique while dining on the island made it that much easier to get past the danger zone and hit the point of ultimate relaxation. Ahhh!

The cutest swings of all were completely hidden from our view until one of the last nights on the island. I had spotted this place--the place with beer so cold it'll hurt your teeth--when I was out running. They had a sign advertising Happy Hour (my favorite thing to spot while on vacation--or, really, anywhere) on Fridays from 5 - 7.

Villa la Bella is a bed and breakfast located just on the ocean. They have suites and poolside bungalows--both with air conditioning--available at pretty decent prices. It was opened by a very fashionable woman from South Carolina (with the most adorable accent) and her husband. We met Bella, too. She's a sweetheart of a dog living her day-to-day in paradise.

There was no food menu available during happy hour. They serve breakfast to those staying at the Villa but don't have a full kitchen attached to the bar. They have blenders, though. And adorable coconut shell glasses for whatever you order.

I started with a scratch-made margarita but moved onto the most delicious pina colada when I saw it prepared with all of the garnishes. Not only did it have the biggest wedge of fresh pineapple but a mountain of shredded coconut to top off the flavor and presentation. (Seriously, a coconut shell with a blended drink--properly garnished--and sipped while swinging...that's BLISS.)

Although not as exciting, the beer my husband ordered did come with its own special additions. No, not a garnish. A koozie. All beer ordered here comes with a special Villa la Bella koozie. I guess that's how they keep the beer so cold.

We were surprised halfway through our second round by an offering of free appetizers. (I guess that's part of what makes Happy Hour so happy at Villa la Bella.) A delivery of pizza from Barlito (a small restaurant we passed on several occasions in downtown Isla Mujeres) was sliced into squares and passed from patron to patron.

We were only on the Island for ten days. If we had stayed longer, I'm sure we would have gone again. Now, we'll just have to remember it for next time (because I've already decided that there WILL be a next time.)

Food: Meets
Drinks: Exceeds
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Exceeds
Value: Meets


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