Monday, February 18, 2013


118 NE 28th Avenue
Happy Hour: 4 - 7 PM, daily

Beulahland is very Portland. That's what I've decided. It's not The Pearl. It's not Mississippi Avenue. But it is Portland. Not everyone loves it--but those who do, really do. And it shows. They've got a following. Regulars. And then they have a few haters. Most places do.

This place is in the Kerns neighborhood, almost perfectly centered on the business strip of 28th avenue that now runs between Glisan and Ankeny. (I say now because it has grown a bit in the last couple of years and only just recently stretched all the way to Ankeny.) They serve breakfast (until one) daily and are open late, late, late. They have live DJs regularly and are a popular spot for sports-viewing. Plus, there is a mix of local art on the walls that changes now and then. And they've got happy hour. A super cheap happy hour.

We arrived when the sun was out (in February, I know!) but opted to sit inside. There was ample seating on this holiday weekend, but who knows how crowded it can get. (Luckily, it's a pretty well-rounded section of, if they fill up, you can always head next door.)

I ordered a Kamikaze. I'd been sick for a week and thought, what better way to clear out the rest of my sinuses then with a super strong sipping-style beverage. I had mine served up. Maybe I don't really know much about kamikazes, but I've decided that they might be a good alternative to my usual vodka gimlets when the only lime in the house comes in a glass bottle (I've been opposed to the neon green sorts since the start.) My Kamikaze was cheap. Three dollars, cheap.

Across the table was La Revolution. It was my second choice...because anything made with muddled limes lands on my go-to list super quick-like. This one was a mix of tequila and came with a splash of cranberry juice. It looked lovely but I decided against taking a sip (with the cold and all).

With two other happy hour stops on our agenda, we opted to split a small snack. They offer three dollar happy nachos. We opted to add black beans, bringing the price up to $3.50. It was a small plate, but just as loaded as the larger versions that they are accustomed to creating on a fairly regular basis. I love a greasy treat now and then and these were spot on. I even had one or two jalapenos...which is so unlike me.

Although they've got a pretty nasty rap for poor service, I was pleased with all aspects of our visit. Our server was quick to take our order, answer the many questions we had ready, and brought the bill in a timely manner.

For serious cheap eats, Beulahland is definitely the place to go. Two cocktails and a small plate of nachos (with added black beans) came to a whopping $9.50.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Exceeds


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