Sunday, February 03, 2013

Pacific Pie Company

1520 SE 7th Avenue
Happy Hour: 3 - 6PM, Monday through Friday

Pacific Pie Co. has been on the Happy Hour To Do list since the start of the school year. It's one of those places that only offers Happy Hour on weekdays, making it harder to get to. We made one attempt over Labor Day weekend, but they (like so many other places we were planning to hit that Monday) were closed. We finally made it back last Friday. It was an official "Payday Happy Hour" which meant that the whole staff was invited. With more people at the table, we were able to order more food from the menu and get a pretty good feel for the place.

I was one of the last to arrive, but our server was most definitely with it and checked in almost immediately. The discounted drink options listed beer, wine, and a cocktail of the day. Apparently they are in need of a reprint because there were no cocktails of the day available. I did convince our server to give me one of the DIY drinks at the discounted rate...but then opted for a full-priced beverage in the end anyway. I ordered the Tom Collins. It's not a go to anymore but still a favorite. I love, love, love almost anything with lemon and lime. This was bubbly and delicious. The straw was super cute but reminded me a bit of those recycled types that peel away a bit at a time leaving strange flavors in the mix.

Since this was to be my dinner, I selected the mini veggie pastie assortment AND a side of mac and cheese. The macaroni and cheese was creamy and cheesy at the bottom of the dish but had been baked a little too long leaving the top all dried out. This is something that I've learned over time about my own cooking. I love the cheese, I love the creaminess, and I even love the breadcrumbs (when presented at the right ratio)...but I do not love when it gets dried out. Timing is so important. So much so that if you are at risk to ruin it, you might as well skip the whole baking part and serve it straight from the pan.

The pasties (pronounced PAST-EES, not PASTE-EES) were served in a basket with a curry sauce. There were six total, two each of the three different fillings. I was impatient when they arrived at the table and took my first bite when they were still too hot. That, of course, made it nearly impossible to decipher the different flavors. In the end, I decided that I liked the spinach feta filling the best but that next time I would order the bigger version. These little guys were cute but made for a crust-heavy ratio. I love crust, but I wanted more from the middle.

Before heading out the door, I (and almost everyone else at the table) ordered something to go. I was tempted by the sweet options but only ordered what I had promised to pick up for my husband. By the time I placed my order, happy hour had passed and I was forced to order items at full price. For only ten dollars, though, I was able to get a pie and a side. He was eager to try the creamy chicken pot pie. I would be, too, if I ate chicken. It sounded to be the most comforting of all comfort foods. I selected the spicy kale salad as his side and was glad I did. It was on the daily board, though, so I'm not sure if I'll be lucky enough to find it again.

With prices as low as they are and food available to go in both refrigerator and freezer form, I need to remember this place on those nights when I'm too tired to cook. It's super convenient and each little pie is packed with good flavor. Yum. It's making me want more this very minute.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets

Total Tab: $27 for two pies, two sides, and two drinks


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