Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Slide Inn

2348 SE Ankeny Street
Happy Hour: 5:30 - 7 and 9 - close, Wednesday through Sunday
ALL night Happy Hour on Mondays and Tuesdays

Long menus can sometimes be so intimidating. Usually I am able to limit myself to just a couple of options by eliminating all of the meaty foods. This is not the case at The Slide Inn (or their counterpart the Jade Lounge located just next door, which shares the same kitchen but not the same ambiance). It's not the case AT ALL. In fact, I found myself returning for a second happy hour just so that I could get to more of the menu offerings. Honestly, I could go back again two more times and not get to all of the things that tempted me the first go around.

Happy Hour at the Slide Inn goes from 5:30 - 7, Wednesday through Sunday, and again from 9 until close. And it's offered ALL NIGHT LONG on both Mondays and Tuesdays. They don't offer too much in the way of discounted drinks but they do have what feels like hundreds of dishes to taste. Seriously, if you were to label the categories as food from around the world, they would have easily traveled to seven different countries on at least three different continents.

The Slide Inn is one of those places where happy hour can so easily turn into a full meal. That was our exact plan walking in and it worked quite well as we left feeling a bit more than stuffed. Even without having ordered the fancy bread pudding dessert and an extra glass of wine to share, we would have most likely walked out having eaten plenty.

Almost everything we ordered, we shared. The only thing that I didn't sample was the house-made grilled sausage. I had my own tofu version anyway. Both were served with two types of traditional mustard. And both came on a bed of either sauerkraut of red cabbage. I opted for the red cabbage because I love it and because it allowed me to repeat--maybe one too many times--one of the most unnecessary phrases I was forced to learn in my high school German class (Der Rotkohl ist alle).

To accompany the house-made sausages, we thought a plate of the spicy mac and cheese was in order. It wasn't exactly spicy, but did have some heat built in. (And no, I'm not talking heat-hot, although it was a bit steamy when it first arrived.) I love mac and cheese no matter what. Or so it seems. This one was good. Good cheesiness, good texture, good Al-dente pasta quality.

We also shared a plate of the ricotta-stuffed crepes. The ricotta blend combined mushrooms and spinach and, honestly, reminded me of something that I would make at home but with pasta. I guess I just don't make enough crepes. And now, I'm guessing that will have to change. The sauce was listed as a grilled creme fraiche but tasted more liked smoked Gouda than anything. I suppose that there could have been some pear in there, but the smokey qualities overpowered everything else in the sauce.

Oh, and then there was the plate of salad rolls. (No wonder we left stuffed.) Salad rolls are a must when we are out for Thai, but I love how common they have recently become on happy hour menus around matter what type of restaurant. Hand-held salads are the best, in my opinion...and this one held up, whereas so many tend to fall to pieces near the last couple of bites. My guess is that the peanut sauce served at the Slide Inn was house-made. It was darker than I'm used to but had the best flavor. This will be the item that I will definitely order on a repeat visit. This, and the fancy cocktail that I could barely pronounce.

The Saures Weibchen is one of the few Bourbon drinks that I will order again and again. Bourbon, I know. It's not just Bourbon, I suppose. That's probably why I liked it so. It's vanilla-infused Bourbon. And it was so carefully combined with fresh lemon juice, just the right amount of simple syrup, a splash of champagne, and an Amarena cherry. It wasn't discounted, but was already served at a pretty decent price--just seven dollars. In fact, everything on the menu was between three and eight dollars.

Looking back at the pictures, I can count more than ten additional vegetarian items that I still need to try. I guess it's a good thing I've made happy hour into a hobby. Maybe next time I'll stop in next door at the Jade Lounge just to change things up a bit. The menu looks to be nearly identical. (Identical, but with a daily fondue that I'm afraid might make me want to go back...daily.) And I am sure that the service is just as good. Plus, they've got happy hour served all night, every night on that side of the building.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Exceeds


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  1. WOW. Crazy. I was there this weekend and had a horrible experience. It was literally the worst food I've ever eaten in a restaurant in Portland. Both mine and my friend's food was inedible. And I'm pretty sure I got food poisoning from it because I was sick all weekend. :(

    1. Dear Lisa, Really should have said something when you dined here. Did you mention that you did not care for your meal? Normally do not charge if a customer is really as unhappy as you sounded. I always suggest you say something at the time of you dining experience, that way we have an opportunity in turning your experience around. Eugene