Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chef Paley/Liberte Tasting

Disclaimer: Our tasting was complimentary, but we were not under any obligation to review or advertise for either Chef Paley or Liberte yogurt. All opinions are our own.


We were invited to a private tasting hosted by Liberte  yogurt and Chef Vitaly Paley of Imperial, Portland's Penny Diner, and Paley's Place. This was a very fun and informative food tasting. We tasted Liberte's many flavors on their own and then tasted the creations of Chef Vitaly that incorporated Liberte yogurt.

I have never been a yogurt person until the whole Greek yogurt phenomenon. I love Greek yogurt because it is thicker, creamier, and has a richer and less acidic flavor.  You have heard of Greek yogurt, but have you ever had Mediterranean yogurt? Liberte yogurt makes a Greek (low fat) and a Mediterranean (whole milk) yogurt. 

I heard of the yogurt brand Liberte when my co-worker and co-blogger brought some to work for lunch. She was ranting and raving about how delicious it was, so I had to go out and buy some.  I bought the coconut flavor, and it is to die for. Yes, the Mediterranean yogurt is higher fat, but it's made with all natural ingredients. It is smooth and creamy and has no acidic taste at all. Plus, I remember reading an article that said eating higher fat yogurt is actually better for you. Who knows? All I know is it's delicious and filling!

Liberte is a Canadian company that has been doing well in Canada but recently brought their delicious yogurt to the United States. They have many flavors. I've tried most of the flavors now and I like all of them, especially the coconut. I could eat and eat and eat this one forever! They have the traditional flavors you all like, and they come in Greek and Mediterranean.

The only flavor I wasn't a huge fan of was the lemon. It was just a bit tart for my taste buds on its own, but when it was paired with a delicious hazelnut raspberry muffin that Chef Vitaly from Imperial made, it was a light, flavorful, all-natural frosting for the fresh, moist pastry. A perfect breakfast!

For those of us trying to eat healthy but suffering from a sweet tooth, Liberte is a good alternative to traditional desserts. This was a new, healthier take on bananas foster. Chef Vitaly used the french vanilla Liberte yogurt for this sweet dessert. If you're having a dinner party, your guests would love to be served this wonderful bananas foster in mini glasses. It's delicious and cute! (see the recipe below)

When you think of cooking, you probably think of chopping food to prepare, right? Well, Chef Vitaly first chops wood when he comes into his kitchens. He is a chef that knows flavor is the key ingredient and has a great passion for open fire cooking, use of spices, sauces, and ethnic dishes. We were delighted to be able to sit close to the open wood fire grill and watch as Chef Vitaly prepared flatbread by placing it directly on the surface of the grill. The bread was paired with a radish and cucumber Raita (a type of tzatziki sauce) that used the plain Liberte yogurt as the base. It was a light and fresh sauce that I would make to use as a dip for bread, crackers, or as the sauce on a gyro or sandwich wrap. To me it's the perfect sauce to pair with the very rich and flavorful meat dish that came next. (see recipe below)

Chef Vitaly also believes in using local ingredients. The Quail Tikka Masala used a local Oregon quail and was so flavorful. The sauce was rich but not too rich. You can substitute the quail for chicken (or veggies if you're a vegetarian) and serve over rice, with flat bread, or on its own. I love rich flavorful foods and sauces because you can eat a small amount and feel so satisfied. I am for sure making this as a regular dish in my home. (see recipe below)

Another great everyday way to use the tasty Liberte yogurt is in your morning smoothie. I love smoothies and have one almost everyday. So quick and healthy! Chef Vitaly made us a peach passion coconut smoothie using both the Peach & Passion Fruit and Coconut Mediterranean Liberte. (My personal two favorites.) This smoothie is on the menu at Paley's Place.

One trick I learned from  the chef was to freeze coconut water in an ice cube tray to use in your smoothies. So clever! If you make this smoothie, don't skip the Chia seeds. They are a super food, and I love them. I put them in every smoothie. You can even just stir some in your favorite Liberte yogurt flavor. (see recipe below)

This was a fun, entertaining, informative, and especially tasty event. I know you couldn't come to the event, but at least you can make the food for your family and friends with the recipes that were provided thanks to Chef Vitaly and Liberte yogurt. Stop by Fred Meyer or QFC and pick up some Liberte yogurt. I highly recommend the Mediterranean coconut and if you're not a coconut fan try the Peach & Passion Fruit. We would love to hear your comments on the yogurt and your experience cooking the recipes at home. 


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  1. You have made my day with this post. We are currently on vacation in Vancouver, BC and loving the Mediterranean coconut yogurt. It's wonderful to know that we won't have to go through withdrawal when we are in Portland.