Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hot Winter Hot Sauce Review

Disclaimer: We received free samples of Hot Winter, but all of our opinions are our own.

Recently, we were approached by Shaun Winter about trying his organic hot sauce, Hot Winter. We like supporting local businesses (and, let's be honest, we also like free stuff), so we happily agreed to try it. Hot Winter is available at Bunk Bar, Tin Shed, and Portobello, so if you are out at any of these restaurants you can sample the product as well. It will also be available at New Seasons Market soon. Shaun has put together a Kickstarter campaign to help him fill his order there: Hot Winter

E's opinion: To me, hot sauce is very much a matter of personal preference. My favorite hot sauce is Chalula, followed closely by another local product, Aardvark. Each one of these are good on different things. I like Chalula on tacos and other Mexican food, while Aardvark goes really well on omelets. Hot Winter was different from both of these. Made with special heirloom chilies, Hot Winter is a thick, medium-spicy sauce. I think it is more like Aardvark in that it goes well on eggs (I tried it on a breakfast burrito), but I also think it would be good in a stir fry. I definitely enjoyed this sauce--it was well balanced in flavor, and I liked the texture a lot.

O's opinion: I usually have two main uses for hot sauce: on top of any of my home cooked Mexican food and in cooking Asian dishes. I like the hot sauce I use on my Mexican food to be more liquid-like, while I like a thicker hot sauce for cooking or dipping. Hot Winter hot sauce is thick, and it's the type of hot sauce I would use for cooking. You can see the seeds in the hot sauce and the taste has a kick, but it's not too hot. I liked Hot Winter. It reminds me of the Asian hot sauce Sriracha but thicker and tastier. I really like how it's local and all organic. I will be purchasing Hot Winter.

B's opinion: Judging a hot sauce is not something I could ever be trusted to do alone. I am not an expert. I actually don't know much at all. Thankfully, my husband is quite the connoisseur. We sampled Hot Winter on the first night it was in the house. First, alone. And then with accompanying flavors. I enjoyed the sweet start and the texture of the sauce. I also appreciated that the heat didn't linger on and on masking all the other flavors of the dish. My husband was less keen on the sweetness that came with the first bite. He enjoys super spicy hot sauces. He did continue to pour more and more out of the bottle to enjoy with what remained of his dinner. 

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