Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Alibi

4024 N Interstate
Happy Hour: 3 - 7 PM, daily

The Alibi is a MUST for all Portland-area residents. Truly, it's one of those places that you can't not go to whether you have lived here all of your life or only lasted through one rainy winter. Most people go for karaoke at one point. Others might be enticed enough to hit up their happy hour. My guess is that very few go in just for dinner alone. But that's only a guess.

We stopped in at The Alibi in the late afternoon on one of those ridiculously beautiful sun shiny days. Walking through the doors of the Alibi, though, means losing all knowledge of time and temperature. And when I say time, I don't just mean time of day. Walking into The Alibi is like walking into the sixties. (I think. I mean, I've seen it on TV.) I'm sure that--if it wasn't already available somewhere else--the people filming Mad Men would travel to Portland just to film a scene in the ultra-kitschy lounge. That's how "sixties" it feels.

Happy Hour is only available at the bar or in the booths closest to the bar. It's a tight fit, but you're probably likely to find something suitable. They offer discounts on beer, wine, well drinks, and two of their umbrella-type cocktails. Food is discounted as well and their portion sizes are fairly large. The quality, however, isn't tops. They offer mostly fried foods, which might just be perfect for a late night I've-been-singing-karaoke-for-five-hours hunger.

We ordered our share of fried foods--some fried zucchini sticks and tator tots--as well as a plate of pepper jack mac and cheese and pulled pork sliders.

Although not fried, the pulled pork sliders were as greasy as can be. So greasy, in fact, that they saturated the buns before too long.

The mac and cheese was creamy and had that extra something to it being made with pepper jack...but not something that will bring me back for more.

The tator tots were the safest bet at the table. They were crispy on the outside, toasty hot on the inside, and went well with the ranch dressing that came served with the zucchini sticks.

The zucchini sticks weren't soggy (like I've had them before) but , like an onion ring, were likely to lose their fried outer layer upon each bite if you weren't careful.

I did enjoy the Mai Tai that I had ordered as well as the small sip of a pina colada from across the table. The umbrellas went well with the rest of the kitschy decor and reminded me just enough how much I would love to return to an island getaway within the very near future.

Service wasn't exactly up to par, but I have a feeling that the guy who kept returning frantically to remember what it was that we had ordered was the only one working that afternoon. He did his job well, but needed another hand or two to meet the needs of everyone there that day.

Food: Nearly Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Nearly Meets
Ambiance: Exceeds
Value: Meets


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