Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Black Rabbit Restaurant & Bar @ McMenamins Edgefield

2126 SW Halsey Street
Happy Hour: 3 - 6 and 10 - close, daily (except on days with concerts and special events)

Summer is here. And it's hot. Like, really hot. Hot enough to make both of my co-bloggers run store-to-store in search of portable air conditioners. I don't blame them. I would have done the same if I hadn't been enjoying the rain storms and lightning bugs in Minnesota.

The night before flying out, I made a second visit to the Black Rabbit Restaurant and Bar at McMenamins Edgefield. Edgefield is a perfect place to spend a summer day. Any day, really. They have a ridiculous number of bars and restaurants, a spa, golf, concerts, a winery, etc. Sure, you can go for dinner. But why not make a whole day of it? Or even stay overnight in the hotel.

We stopped in at the winery after an afternoon of shopping in Troutdale. (The Calvin Klein outlet was closing the next day. It was a perfect find. Everything was 80% off.) The price for a flight of wine has gone up, but the pours are still just as heavy as before. It's a definite must when you are in the area. But the oyster crackers (although free flowing) are not enough to meet the needs of a hungry out-all-day lady.

The Black Rabbit Restaurant and Bar, however, has all the dishes you can desire. It's not the typical McMenamins Happy Hour. They have more than Cajan Tots and Hand-cut Fries. They have Artisan Cheeses, a Fennel and Arugula salad, and Lamb Sliders.

We started with the Artisan Cheese plate. The day's variety came with the biggest block of bleu cheese. The bread was delicious. The two came paired with apple slices. It was quite the plate for just three dollars. If only they served the same plate downstairs in the winery. Maybe they do.

The cheese would have been enough if it we were only in need of a snack, but it was getting late and we were looking for more. I ordered the Spaghetti while across the table was the Grilled Ham and Cheese.

The Spaghetti was simple yet quite enjoyable. It was served with huge cloves of roasted garlic. The portion was perfect and the price reasonable ($5.00).

Grilled Ham and Cheese is the way to go...if you are a meat eater (and you're not afraid of gluten). The bread was thick, thick, thick, and the cheese was ooey-gooey.  If only the folds of ham weren't smashed in between.

French Fries finished the order, just because. They were much like the ones served at any McMenamins but had a bit of spice in the mix.

McMenamins has a reputation for bad service, but it's not been the case here. Sure it can get busy, but the people working at The Black Rabbit always seem to work that much harder when it does. They are friendly and attentive, without getting too much in the way.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Exceeds


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  1. I had a dinner party here for my 30th birthday party. It was such a cool, romantic, wonderful night! I loved the food (barely remember it now because it was 3 years ago and there was a LOT of wine involved)... :)

    1. I'm dying to attend a wedding out at Edgefield seems like such a perfect place for a celebration!