Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Hilt

1934 NE Alberta St.
Happy Hour 4-7 p.m. daily, all day Sunday (one drink minimum)*

*Happy Hour not available on Last Thursday

For my birthday celebration, I decided to take the girls to a Happy Hour and Last Thursday on Alberta. If you don't know what Last Thursday is, you really need to go and experience it at least once. I LOVE IT! The city closes down Alberta, and artistic vendors and musicians line the sidewalks. Cultural sounds and wares can be found every step down Alberta, along with great restaurants. That's the good news.

The bad news is we were all set for Hilt's HH, and when we arrived we soon realized they DON'T have a HH on Last Thursday! UGH!!! We had all done our research and previewed the HH and drink menu online and were excited. There was NO mention online that HH would not be served on Last Thursday. So how were we supposed to know? Hilt should really put this on their website! No other restaurant I've been to on Alberta does this during Last Thursday.

Hilt has a limited Last Thursday menu that has some of the HH food and some of the regular menu food. None of the food is discounted, and you CAN NOT order anything else on Last Thursday except what is on their special Last Thursday menu. (But the waitress was super sweet and asked the cook for us if he would make a pizza, because it's on their regular menu but not their Last Thursday Menu).

So the food and drink below are on their HH menu, but I did not receive a HH discount because it was Last Thursday (even though I was there during HH hours).

I started with a "Strawberry Fever" DELICIOUS! It was strawberry-infused tequila, strawberry lemonade and a splash of soda ($7.5). This drink was a surprise because it's not mentioned on their online menu. I then ordered the "Biting Mule," which includes house-infused habanero Monopolowa, fresh lime juice, and Reed's ginger beer ($7.5). Again, the waitress was very helpful and suggested I get it served in a tall glass because it's SPICY. In the tall glass, I think the spice was just right to a little on the spicy side. My co-blogger thought it was too spicy. Depends on the level of spiciness you can handle I guess. I liked it! There are no discounts on fancy cocktails, but well drinks and taps are a dollar off during HH.  

To go with the sweet strawberry drink, I ordered the  Kasseri Fries. These were flavorful. The fries were crispy, and the Kasseri cheese on top added even more flavor. These fries were topped with a lemon herb seasoning ($3).

I'm NOT the vegetarian, but when I was viewing the menu online,  my first choice was the  Roasted Zucchini Garbanzo Burger. My co-blogger ordered it, but I had to have a taste. I really liked this. It was very flavorful. I think this is a great healthy swap for a burger. For HH I don't think it's served with the fries, but for $4.25 it's a great deal!

We had a large group of eight people, and the service was great! The waitress was very attentive, helpful, and friendly, but there was a snafu at the end. It says on the regular menu (but NOT on the Last Thursday menu that we were given) that parties of eight or more will be charged 18% gratuity and are limited to two cards. I totally get the reasoning behind this, but I really appreciate restaurants that will take all cards and separate checks. What was a real shock, though, was when we got the bill the waitress charged us 20% gratuity, not 18% like stated. I usually tip 20%, but to go ahead and charge the entire party that when it clearly states 18% is bad form! Customers always have the opportunity to leave more tip if they want, but to be so presumptuous...we couldn't believe it!

Food- Meets
Service-Nearly Meets

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