Monday, July 08, 2013

The Huckleberry Pub - CLOSED

2327 NW Kearney Street
Happy Hour: 2 - 6 PM, daily AND 9 - close, Sunday through Thursday

I don't like beets. I've tried them again and again and they always taste like dirt. Or, like earth--I suppose--since they grow underground. As a kid, I only ever had them straight out of the can. Perhaps that has something to do with my dislike of the root veggie. Whatever the cause, it's no longer an issue. At least not when I'm enjoying happy hour at The Huckleberry Pub. Or dinner. The Beet Slider--served with horseradish cream, caramelized onions, and greens--is on both menus. And it is amazing. So much so that I want to go back tomorrow.

The Huckleberry Pub must have opened recently. I added it to my "to do" list when I spotted the sandwich board sign on NW 21st Avenue during Spring Break. The restaurant is located just off of the main strip of shops and bars and ICE CREAM and everything else you'd ever want to find. It's in an adorable house that must have quite the history. They have plenty of seating on the patio, a full dining room on the main floor, and a well-decorated bar upstairs.

We had some pretty serious happy hour plans when we started our day at The Huckleberry Pub, so we limited ourselves to just a couple of food items each. If we weren't planning on two other stops, I would have likely ordered far too much as there were plenty of options on the menu that tempted me to do so.

First to arrive at the table, however, were the drinks. I ordered the infused liquor made in-house. The current feature was infused with cucumber. It was refreshing but nowhere near as good as the Cuke Nukem. Thankfully, there was one at the table and I was able to taste it too. (Or perhaps I shouldn't be thankful. I wouldn't have known it was so much better if it weren't there for me to try.)

Along with my house-infused cucumber beverage and the most delicious sliders ever, I ordered a plate of mushroom crostini. It was the house-made ricotta that drew me to the item in the first place. I love the extra effort local restaurants make when designing their own signature dishes. The Truffled Wild Mushroom Crostini came three to a plate and was only four dollars during happy hour.

The largest plate to arrive at the table was stacked with the largest onion rings I have seen in a long time. They are beer battered and come with two choices of dipping sauce. The spicy ginger ketchup was a little too watery for me but I loved every dip of the garlic mustard aioli. Although the onion rings were delicious, we ended up leaving a few behind. We had big plans AND they just don't always do well reheated. (Refried, I've never tried.) My suggestion for the future is, of course, to share. It's a big plate, so you'll probably want to crowd as many people around the table as you can. I know that's my plan, anyway, for the next time I stop by The Huckleberry Pub.

Food: Exceeds (order the Beet Sliders)
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Exceeds


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  1. Excellent comments & recommendations. Will pass along &, as a favorite place, will be going back myself!