Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Parish

231 NW 11th Ave
Happy Hour 3-6 p.m. daily

The Parish is located in the Pearl but the decor and food will transport you to the south circa 1900's. It has an older southern charm to the interior design. The menu was not too appealing to me. I don't know if it's because I don't have a sophisticated enough palette or what, but I'm not really into eating rabbit, duck hearts, and other animal products I'm not semi-used to. With that being said, there were more traditional foods on the menu like a burger, wedge salad, and shrimp. For drinks they had well drinks for four dollars and discounted beer and wine. I always love it when a happy hour has a house specialty drink, but this place did not, so I just had a glass of wine. 

The wedge salad ($4) was okay. The lettuce was not as crisp and fresh as I would have liked, and the dressing was described as a "buttermilk ranch" but was spicy. I didn't mind the spice, but I think it should be mentioned on the menu as a spicy ranch dressing. The salad consisted of the wedge of iceberg lettuce, the spicy ranch dressing, and a soft boiled egg (that was cooked very well) but was missing bacon. The bacon pieces on this salad would have really brought the flavors together. I enjoyed the egg with this salad; it smoothed out the spiciness of the ranch.

The next dish was the prawns ($5). These two were grilled on a skewer and then served with a sweet and spicy house-made sauce. The shrimp were overcooked and a little bit rubbery. The sauce was super tasty, and if the shrimp had been cooked just right there would be only good things to say about this dish.

Overall, I would not visit this restaurant again. The food was okay. The service was good. But the time and expense to drive down to the Pearl, pay to park, and then eat mediocre food was not worth the money or the time. Maybe they have better food on the menu that I just didn't try. 

Food: Nearly Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Exceeds
Ambiance: Exceeds
Value: Nearly Meets


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