Friday, July 19, 2013

The Parish, Take Two

231 NW 11th Ave
Happy Hour 3-6 p.m. daily

All three of us were able to visit two Happy Hour locations together on Monday. This is always fun for us because we get to discuss in detail what we like or dislike about each place. Honestly, I don't think that I would have chosen The Parish on my own. I like some Southern food (cornbread, for example), but a lot of Southern food is fried (which hurts my stomach) or looks creepy (think: crawfish). Because of this, it is not usually my first choice. Since I just got a burger, I am not sure what I ordered was a fair representation of their best dishes (the oysters came highly recommended, but I'm not a huge fan).

One thing we all really liked about The Parish was the decor. The bar was absolutely beautiful. I loved the colors. Another thing we could agree on was that the service was quite good. The server seemed genuinely happy that we were there, she was enthusiastic, and she checked on us frequently.

I ordered a Diet Coke ($3). Since it came in a can with a glass, I am pretty sure it didn't come with a free refill. I was glad it was real Diet Coke (I hate it when restaurants have RC products, sorry), but I was sad that it wasn't fountain. I also ordered the Happy Hour burger ($8). It was a good burger, came well-done like I requested, and I enjoyed the special sauce. However, nothing about the meal really blew me away. Eleven dollars for  a non-alcoholic beverage and a burger at Happy Hour didn't seem like the greatest deal to me either, to be honest. Maybe I am just cheap!

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