Monday, November 04, 2013

Feast Portland: Oregon Bounty Recap

Disclaimer: we were provided with a free blogger pass by Feast that allowed us admission to some of the many Feast events. All opinions are our own. Oregon Bounty tickets normally cost $60, and it is a charity event to combat childhood hunger.

Well, I can finally stop mentioning my pregnancy in my blog entries because my baby is here (and she is wonderful)! This explains why this post has taken me over a month to complete, however. I guess better late than never!

When I first found out we got a blogger pass for Feast over the weekend of September 20th, I decided no matter what that I would find a way to attend at least one event, even if I was nervous about leaving my new baby. This goal ended up being a good one because it gave me something to look forward to, and it got me out of the house without her for the first time. I didn't even mind that we needed to share the blogger pass because that would give me the opportunity to wander around the Oregon Bounty event and just look at what I wanted to look at without worrying about what the other two were interested in, and I could leave whenever I was ready.

In truth, I only stayed at the Oregon Bounty a little over an hour, so I didn't get to try every single sample, but I left full and a little tipsy. There were so many food, wine and beer samples that you definitely get your money's worth. Unlike some other events where you have to pay an entry fee and then pay for samples as well, this one covers unlimited food and drink. This is so much fun because it encourages you to try things that are outside your comfort zone.

Even though before I was pregnant beer wouldn't be my first alcoholic beverage choice, for some reason it was what I missed the most while pregnant. This was my first time drinking alcohol in over nine months, so I decided to focus on the beer samples. I didn't try any of the multiple wine selections, even though I would have liked to. It was amazing just how many breweries and wineries were represented here--I would say there was more alcohol than food! Some of the beers I tried were from Gigantic, Sasquatch, Deschutes, Lompoc, Base Camp, Fort George, and Double Mountain breweries. I enjoyed all of them, but none stood out as a favorite of the day.

One of my favorite food samples included Kelly's jelly. Paired with goat cheese, this slightly spicy jelly was different but delicious.

Another favorite was Pacific Pie Company. They had a bourbon hazelnut pie sample that was amazing. I thought it would be similar to pecan pie, which I don't like, but it ended up being one of the most delicious pies I have ever tasted.

Pacific Foods had a vegan hazelnut pudding that was much more delicious than I would expect, since most vegan desserts I have tried are not up to par.

My very favorite samples came from Random Order Coffee. All three were so good that I was tempted to pull a little-old-lady-at-a-buffet and ask for seconds to sneak home in my purse. I didn't do it, but I really, really wanted to. I want to go to their coffee shop now just to eat the treats.

Another fun thing about Feast was that when I went to pick up the blogger pass the day before, they had snacks and drinks and a fun gift bag with lots of samples. My favorite snack was  the Elephant's Deli cookie. It reminded me of the cookies you get in school lunch in elementary school for holidays. You know, the bright green shamrock, pink heart, and orange pumpkin? Those were my favorite things about school lunch (though I agree with my co-blogger--the rolls were also delicious).

I wish I would have had a chance to check out the Urbanspoon Media Lounge and some of the special happy hours and parties. My co-bloggers were each able to attend some of the other events, though. I heard that the Fishmonger competition was a lot of fun. I definitely want to attend again next year. All of the organizers are so nice, and they did an amazing job providing a truly outstanding event.


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