Sunday, November 17, 2013

Remedy Wine Bar

733 NW Everett St.
Tuesday Night Flights available on Tuesdays 4-10 p.m.

Disclaimer: Our wine and snacks were complimentary, but our opinions are our own. Thanks to the lovely ladies at Little Green Pickle for inviting us!

We got invited to Tuesday night flights, a wine tasting event that takes place every Tuesday night from 4-10 p.m. at Remedy Wine Bar. Each Tuesday, Remedy offers two different wine tasting assortments. You will be served a trio of wine selections all centered around a theme. The best part is the personal table-side education on the wines. I was able to attend the theme tasting of "Mighty Malbecs". I learned so much from this event, and the owners made me feel welcomed and able to ask questions about the wine. Sometimes in these venues I feel a little out of place because I'm not a wine intellectual. I just know what wines I like and what I don't. It was nice to be educated in a very relaxed, friendly environment.

The building is gorgeous inside and out. I love the modern yet charming and cozy d├ęcor. Immediately, I was drawn to the brick building with high ceilings adorned with charming hand made chandeliers. ( I didn't notice they were made out of bottles until almost the end of the night.)

Look closely, and you can see what looks to be like glass wine bottles tipped upside down to create these beautiful and unique chandeliers. Are you as stunned as I was?

Yes, we tried plenty of wines, but I guess I was a little more obsessed about taking pictures of the food. Here is the menu of the food we tried with our wine pairings. The prices are also listed. Every snack we had with our wine was delicious, but I definitely had a favorite or two!

We started the tasting with a glass of the 2009 Valle de Uco Tierra Divina Old Vine and some of the spiced almonds. Next the servers brought us the cheezy bits, a.k.a. cracker crack! You will become immediately addicted.

I love cheeze-its, and I've seen on Pinterest how to make your own; it looks very time consuming, but if I could make them taste like these cheezy bits I would do it! These are made with a very buttery pie crust-like dough, then cut out into bite-size crunchy pieces that melt in your mouth. They are baked and then heavily sprinkled with a Rogue blue cheese powder. We had to ask for more! The owner told us whenever he walks into his wife's office, her coworkers crowd around him asking, "Where are the cheezy bits?" It would be dangerous if these were sold in a store. I could literally eat an entire box!

Pictured above are the spiced almonds next to the cheezy bits. The next snack were the warm olives.

I love assorted olives, but I don't think anyone has ever served them to me warm. I like them warmed up. They were a perfect pairing for the Malbec we were tasting.

This was my favorite dish of the night, White Bean Puree Tarte Flambe with Delicata Squash, Onion, and Lardons. It was a very crispy, crackery crust with a flavorful, smooth textured topping. I wanted more!

The cheese plate came next and was served with several different cheeses, a relish, and pickled strawberries. Remedy considers itself lucky to have a cheese expert on staff!

If you're going to have a cheese plate, you need a meat plate too!

We ended the night with a celebratory cheers and a thank you to Remedy wine bar for the delicious food and wine.

If you find a wine you love at Remedy, be sure to go right around the corner to Corkscru wine merchants to pick up your favorite bottle. The owner of Corkscru is a partner and general manager of Remedy Wine Bar and helps supply and select the wines that are served at Remedy. He is very friendly and knowledgable and will help you select the perfect wine for any food, occasion, or palate preference. Thank you Remedy Wine Bar for the great food, wine and conversations!


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