Sunday, November 03, 2013

The Oregon Public House

700 NE Dekum Street
Happy Hour: 2 - 6 AND 9 - close, daily

The Oregon Public House is the only non-profit pub in the nation. It's an amazing concept and one that I hope starts a new trend. It's a neighborhood bar, and I do believe that there should be one in every neighborhood. Or at least one on each side of the river, for now. I know that it took a lot of time, labor, and donations to get the first location (I say first because I have expectations) to be more than just a concept. Every single fork, every single plate, every stool, and every tap had to be acquired either through direct donation or by collecting the funds necessary to make that purchase. Despite all the work involved, I think it's time to get cracking on number two. Then, number three. Four. And five.

Portland is full of bars, pubs, and brewhouses. It's also full of non-profit agencies. It makes sense that these two entities would collide at some point. The Oregon Public House has a changing list of charities to choose from when placing your order (at the bar--to save more money for the charities, of course). 100% of the profits can go to Friends of Trees, The Neo Fund, Friends of the Children, Compassion First, or Habitat for Humanity. You decide. And you can decide to become a founder, too. There are multiple levels, some very doable for the average beer drinker. It helps to keep the concept moving and comes with a perk. Depending on the level you select, you could get a free beer per day, per week, or per month.

We were there for a late lunch on Saturday. Happy Hour starts early at The Oregon Public House. It runs from two to six AND nine to close, every day of the week. Happy Hour includes a dollar off all full pints and a few discounted food items. They've got a number of vegetarian items, including one of the most delicious house made garden burgers I've had in a very long time.

The garden burger is only six dollars on happy hour, but when I saw the option to fancify it with carmelized onions and a cheesy fondue sauce I couldn't resist. Sure, it nearly doubled the price (which included fries) but the more I spend, the more profits they make, the more money they donate to the charity of my choosing. It's all for the better.

Due to a communication mishap, my husband and I split the burger while he waited for his club sandwich to arrive. To fill the gap (and when I saw gap, I mean my belly), I ordered a cup of soup and a plate of cheesy bread. The cheesy bread was a bit more than I had expected (at only $4 per plate) and therefore came home with us in the takeout container intended for half a club sandwich.

They've got twelve beers on tap (almost all locally brewed) and a few options of both red and white wine. Soda and tea, too, as this is touted as being a family-friendly locale. Turns out, they aren't kidding about being family-friendly. I spotted the stack of toys and coloring supplies on the way out.

I am, honestly, more than impressed with The Oregon Public House. I am proud of Portland for being the first and hope to see additional locations--whether they are in the area or across the nation--popping up before long.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Exceeds


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