Monday, December 30, 2013

Guest Post - San Diego Compilation

Restaurants in San Diego, CA
A Compilation of Options I Tried

While I was visiting San Diego, enjoying the blue skies and mid-70 degree weather, I ate at a variety of places… enough for me to ask b if I could do a compilation (and she said yes). So here’s my two-cents about the places you might want to check out if you find yourself in sunny San Diego.

The Yard House
1023 4th Ave. (Downtown San Diego)
(Opening in downtown Portland - summer of 2014)

This place was awesome. They have anywhere from 130-250 beers on tap. Happy Hour is 3-6 Monday through Friday, and 10-close Sunday through Wednesday. The menu is a thick booklet with specialty beer blends, and the chicken nachos were the best nachos I’ve ever had (they’re spread out on a big platter and are NOT in a pyramid shape so every chip has toppings).

Yard House - San Diego on Urbanspoon

5083 Santa Monica Ave. (Ocean Beach)

Wonderland has a reverse Happy Hour from 10-close Monday through Thursday. I came on a Saturday, so I missed the Happy Hour. However, the view of the ocean from this second story location is worth stopping by for a drink regardless of the time of day (although sunset would be the optimal time).

Wonderland Ocean Beach on Urbanspoon

Newport Pizza & Ale House
5050 Newport Ave. (Ocean Beach)

Daily Happy Hour plus pizza? Hold me back! Newport Pizza & Ale House has a daily Happy Hour from 3-6pm. Deals are on beer and pizzas - no matter what size you order. They sell pizza by the slice and whole pies (with names like Ron Jeremy – pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon, and salami to The Hulk – pesto, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomato, feta, and mushroom) and they make their own pizza dough. I had the Sargent Pepper and a side Caesar salad…and the crust was perfect.

Newport Pizza & Ale House on Urbanspoon

The Fish Market
750 N Harbor Dr. (Downtown, near the waterfront)

The Fish Market has a Happy Hour from 3-6pm Monday through Thursday in the Bar Lounge only. There is a sample menu online. We did not make it for Happy Hour, but were treated to a full-fledged dinner menu. This restaurant has an extensive wine and beer selection, but save your admiration for the dinner menu. Must. Go. Back. I ordered the cioppino which was okay (I would recommend ONLY getting the cioppino at Sharks in Newport), but everyone’s dish looked incredible. My boyfriend really liked his Mahi Mahi.

The Fish Market on Urbanspoon

Fathom Bistro
1776 Shelter Island Dr., (on Shelter Island Fishing Pier)

Fathom does not have a Happy Hour, but they do have a nice beer list plus a Sunday brunch item called a Drunken Fruit Bowl (which does require I.D.). This bistro makes their own sausages, which the table gave mild favorable reviews. The Jacques Cousteau theme, plus the bouncer dressed as a pirate, is enough to bring me back.

Fathom Bistro, Bait and Tackle on Urbanspoon

Anthony’s Fish Grotto
1360 N Harbor Dr.

Anthony’s Fish Grotto is a mixed bag…I’ll explain in a minute. Anthony’s has Happy Hour from 3:30-6:30pm Monday through Friday in the bar only. They have $3 draft beer or white wine, $4 well drinks, sparklers, or sangria, and $5 call drinks, margaritas, or signature drinks. There is also a bar menu that I didn’t get to see, but the sign proclaims the snacks start at $2.75. Honestly, I would avoid the main restaurant if you can, and instead go to the bar OR the outdoor window called Fishette. At Fishette, you can get the same food items (and beer) and sit outside…the inside reminds me of a blend between a retirement home and Mo’s. The inside is perfect if you have grandma with you OR you’re part of a large family. Otherwise, I’d recommend the outdoor Fishette window.

Anthony's Fish Grotto & Fishette on Urbanspoon

My San Diego Wish List (places I just didn’t get to but want to)
Hodad’s – apparently good burgers and shakes with real ice cream
El Indio – there was a line around the corner just to get in
El Fandango – it’s in old town and is my uncle’s favorite
Odysea Lounge – it’s in the Hilton and has Happy Hour from 4-7 daily
OB Noodle House – Japanese noodles etc.
Pizzeria Luigi – pizza mentioned on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives
Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop – a Mexican-wrestling-themed taco shop. Need I say more?

Thanks for letting me post about San Diego. Twice.


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