Sunday, December 15, 2013

Happy Hour Preview: St Honore' Boulangerie

3333 SE Division
Happy (Apero) Hour: 4 - closing, daily

Disclaimer: This tasting event was complimentary but all of our opinions are our own.

We love all night happy hours. So often, restaurants pick one (typically slow) night per week to offer discounts on their food and drink ALL NIGHT LONG. At the newest St. Honere' Boulangerie location on SE Division, happy hour is ALL NIGHT, EVERY NIGHT.

They call it Apero Hour, which I understand to be short for L’heure de l’apéro. It's the French equivalent of a cocktail hour and sounds to be deliciously relaxing. One translation suggests the the Apero Hour is meant to whet your appetite. That's not the case here. At St. Honere', their Apero Hour will most definitely fill you up. The menu was designed specifically for the newest location and includes items you wouldn't see at either the SW Thurman Street or Lake Oswego locations. They are bakeries, after all. They've got bread and pastries, salads and sandwiches. And they close early. On Division--with its abundance of restaurants--there was a need for something more.

Dominique Geulin, Master Baker and owner of St. Honere', and his team created a menu that offers a wide range of French flavors at a very reasonable price. This location still offers all of the same delicious treats, but it is more than a traditional bakery. They have Tarte Flambe, Spaetzle, and a Charcuterie Board that includes Alsation Black Forest Ham and Lanjaeger Sausage. It is very much like what I remember the evening meal to be while on exchange in Europe long, long ago. It's delicious. And filling. But it is not the main meal.

Along with the new menu, St. Honore' has taken on the challenge to offer more hard ciders--both on draft and by the bottle--than any other Portland restaurant. They've sourced many locally-produced ciders and have a gorgeous bar for pouring. Beer and wine are available, too, but so few in comparison to the LONG list of ciders.

We were invited to attend a sneak peak prior to the store's opening but plan to head back during Winter Break to enjoy more of the menu. I am especially eager to try both the Onion Soup and the Spaetzle (made without Bacon Lardons). So often made with a beef-base, the Onion Soup at St. Honore' is a vegetarian. (Thank you, Dominique.) The Alsatian Slaw--made with fresh sauerkraut, shredded apples, shallots and chives--also seems to be calling my name.

We were excited to be invited to this event and loved having the opportunity to taste so much of the menu. We will be sure to post again once we've been back for an official Apero Hour review.


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  1. I'm dying to try this place! (I was out of town for this event, so sad I missed it!) I love this type of food and I am a huge cider fan, so it sounds awesome!