Saturday, December 28, 2013

Migration Brewing

2828 NE Glisan
Happy Hour: 3 - 6, Monday through Friday

The Migration Brewery is in the middle of a serious expansion. They have taken over the rest of the building on NE Glisan (adding an extra 2000 square feet) and are currently making it their own by adding more seating, an event space, a full kitchen, and additional production space that will allow them to increase their beer making capacity by 65%. They have plans to unveil the newest section of their already established brewery next week with a New Year's Eve Expansion Party. The Party starts at 7 and there is NO cover charge. Along with the new space, the Migration crew will be releasing a new beer dubbed Cross Pollination during the NYE bash. If you can't make it out for the big debut, be sure to stop by soon. It's a great spot to catch the Blazers on the big screen. They even extend their Happy Hour discounts during games.

Knowing how packed Migration can get during games AND when it's warm enough to enjoy their patio, this expansion is going to make a huge impact on the Kerns Neighborhood. This neighborhood has been a favorite go-to of mine for years, and it's still growing. Even if you are headed out for something super specific (like that delicious egg-filled ravioli at Tabla or a plate of crawfish fritters at Tapalaya) you can finish up the night with a pint (or two) at Migration Brewing. You can start the night there, too.

We were there no too long after happy hour started and watched as the tables filled. After seeing the prices listed on their happy hour menu, it made complete sense. If I had known what a value this place was, I would have been in sooner.

With plans to go out for dinner later in the evening, we opted for two small plates. Both arrived quickly and were easy to share.

The hot artichoke dip was served with warmed pita triangles and had a bit of an addictive flavor to it. The first few bites seemed a touch smokey (which--as a vegetarian--always makes me question the ingredients) but mellowed out as we worked our way through the bowl. My guess is that it was smoked paprika sprinkled across the top adding the extra kick.

The brie and bread plate was seriously impressive with a sizeable wedge of warmed brie, plenty of baguette slices, apples, and red grapes. The brie was plated with a drizzle of honey and then topped with chopped hazelnuts. I will most definitely be ordering this plate again. For only five dollars, I might order two (so I don't have to share).

To accompany my food selections, I ordered a glass of cider. It was dry but still with a crisp apple taste. It really was a great match for the brie and honey.

I'm excited to see the expansion and am eager to know more about the event space. I know that they already host a lot of fundraisers at Migration and would like to see what they'll do next.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Exceeds


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