Monday, January 20, 2014

Holiday Ale Festival

2013 Holiday Ale Festival, December 4-8th

Disclaimer: We received a complimentary blogger pass to this festival, but all of our opinions are our own.

I almost decide not to go to the holiday ale festival. You see, the ale festival happened to be the exact same week that I had to return to work from my maternity leave. I figured I would be a mess, but at the same time, I didn't want to pass up the free media pass. As it turned out after a long, hard first week away from my baby, I was more than ready to relax and unwind. My husband, who is now a stay at home daddy, was also ready to relax! This was one of the few times we have been away from our baby together, so it was especially nice for us. Grandma was happy to watch her, too!

Held in Pioneer Square, the festival was very...festive! When we first arrived, my husband commented that it was a bit like arriving late to party to find that everyone is already super drunk. It was also pretty crowded, so at first we felt a little overwhelmed.

My husband, being a very serious beer drinker, had made a list of must tries on his Untapped phone app. Nerd alert, right? This list served him well, though, because the only thing I had to go off of was the titles of the beers and the way they looked in the pitchers. One thing that might be nice for next year would be a short description of the beers next to the title for those of us that are less organized. So what was his favorite beer from his list of must-tries? Hawaiian Christmas by Columbia Brewing Company.

I did not do a good job of taking pictures at the festival, which is a good indication of the amount of fun I was having! We each got ten taster tickets with our package, and you could buy more tickets for $1 each. My favorite beer ended up being the Lompoc Revelry Red that I had had at the preview event. My least favorite shall not be named (not because I am protecting the brewery, but because I've forgotten the name!) This beer tasted exactly like summer sausage. A beer that tastes like coffee or chocolate? Ok...sausage, no thanks! My husband actually kind of liked it, but I blame it on him being a Brit.

My favorite part of the festival was that they also had an upstairs section. There was a perfect view of the gorgeous Christmas tree from the stairs, which made me get really into the holiday spirit.

One of the highlights for me was finally trying The Waffle Window. I have a friend on Facebook who always posts about this place, so I was really excited they would have a booth at the festival. Unfortunately, I didn't order wisely. I decided to go with a savory one, thinking I could talk my husband into ordering a sweet one later. I got a pulled pork one, which was very good, but my husband had no interest in waffles so I never got to try the strawberry cheesecake or Nutella banana ones. I almost went back to order one, but my husband reminded me we had dinner plans afterward. Boo!

Overall, we ended up having a great time. While the $30 price tag isn't cheap, I think the festive experience (and the fact that it helps raise money for charity) made it worth it.

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  1. You should definitely adventure out and try one of the Waffle Window's sweet waffles. The Nutella banana is my favorite, but recently I had the Sunnyside which included peanut butter and it was amazing. You can't go wrong at the Waffle Window!