Sunday, January 05, 2014

Little Bird Bistro

219 SW 6th Avenue
Happy Hour: 3 - 5 PM (6 if you sit in the bar area), Monday through Friday
Late Night Happy Hour: 10 PM - Midnight, daily

Do not believe everything you see on the internet! For months (maybe even years), I have been putting off doing happy hour at Little Bird Bistro because it just seemed too pricey. Wrong! Well, yes, it can add up. And there are a few items with prices in the double digits. But the prices listed on the happy hour menu posted on their website are quite misleading. Now that I'm in the know, I think I'll go back again. In fact, I know I will because I loved everything about it. The service is exceptional. Everything I tasted, I want to taste again. The discount on their house cocktails is FAR more than what's offered at so many other places. AND the teeny tiny macarons that accompanied the bill were so utterly adorable that I would go back for lunch and dinner on the same day just to have more arrive at my table.

Happy Hour is available weekdays between three and five at any table but extends to six if you are seated in the bar area. We opted to sit at the bar and I'm so glad we did. The bartender, Miriam, was phenomenal. She was super informative, offered a smile in the most genuine manner, and was more than patient with all of our questions and requests.

We started with drinks but ordered enough food to get a good grip on what they've got to offer. There is definitely enough listed on the menu to please any vegetarian but more diverse meat offerings than I've seen in awhile. It's the Roasted Marrow Bones and Foie Gras Carpaccio that make the menu look pricier than it really is.

I ordered the La Vie En Rose but have also pictured the Le Tigre. La Vie En Rose is made with pisco, Lillet Rose, pampelmousse liquor, and lemon. Le Tigre is cognac and whiskey, lime, and an allspice & herbal elixir. While my drink was served up, the Le Tigre was served with one over-sized cube of ice. House cocktails are discounted by three dollars during happy hour, bringing the price down to $6 for the Le Tigre and $7 for the La Vie En Rose.

With plans to share, we avoided all of the fancy meat offerings and ordered french fries($3), the radicchio salad($7), and the macaroni gratin($5).

The radicchio salad is a mix of radicchio, pears, candied hazelnuts, and blue cheese. I am always thankful when restaurants choose hazelnuts over walnuts (partly because of my walnut intolerance but also because hazelnuts are an Oregon staple). The pears were perfectly prepared for the salad--peeled and thinly sliced--and there were enough of them to last through the entire salad. (So often, a pear salad is really just garnished with the fruit instead of allowing the flavors--which were designed to go together, according to most menus--to remain consistent throughout.) I loved every bite...and it showed as I ate far more than my half of the plate.

Served upright in a paper-lined pint glass, the fries were crispy and delicious and worth all the extra calories that they entailed.

Appropriately referred to as a gratin instead of traditional macaroni and cheese, the dish that had me going back for bite after bite was well worth the five dollar price tag (and would have even been worth the $8 listing I found online prior to walking into Little Bird Bistro). As an official connoisseur of macaroni and cheese, I can say--without a doubt--that this dish is one that is going to land on everyone's top ten. It's super creamy and made with a flavorful mix of cheese. Plus, the breadcrumbs are just enough to give it a little texture. So often the ratio of breadcrumb topping to cheesy goodness is off, causing the flavor to be masked by all the crunch and crumbles.

As I stated earlier, there were teeny tiny macaroons to accompany our bill. These two were lime and white chocolate. I failed to mention--or maybe you could already tell--just how giddy their cuteness caused me to become. It's not that I am a huge macaron fan but that I love all things made miniature. These were a perfect finish to a fantastic experience.

Food: Exceeds
Drinks: Meets
Service: Exceeds
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets


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