Monday, February 17, 2014

Tilt - Handcrafted Food and Drink

1355 NW Everett Street
Happy Hour: 3 - 6, daily

I've known since the days of monthly orthodontist visits that I have a big mouth. Burgers and sandwiches piled high with toppings rarely cause much concern. And if you see me take the top off, it's more about the bread-to-filling ratio than making it fit into my wide-open mouth. The Fat Farmer--a cornmeal and panko coated house made veggie patty topped with all the usual burger accompaniments AND about a half an avocado--was more than intimidating. That thing was HUGE. I had to flatten it--not once--but twice to make it more manageable. And even then, I had to set it down in between bites to regain composure before moving on to the next bite. The Fat Farmer is a serious fatty.

Tilt is a place that has been on my Happy Hour To Do list since last Spring Break. At the time, their happy hour was advertised to be available on weekdays only. Now that they have two locations, discounts on drinks are there for the taking seven days a week between 3 and 6 PM.

I love the cafeteria feel and appreciate the pro-union, factory feel and industrial qualities that Tilt has to offer. And I completely adore--probably more than is considered acceptable--that they offer shop towels as opposed to the typical cloth napkins. Smart and oh-so fitting.

Although the discounts during happy hour don't apply to much more than beverages, prices at Tilt aren't overwhelming. Burgers are sold on their own and range between $7 and $13, but sides are available in multiple sizes and you can "make it a meal" to save a couple of bucks. The house recipe sides--including beer battered onion rings, tilted fries with scratch made pork gravy and bacon, and four varieties of handcrafted tots--are definitely hard to pass up.

Discounts on drinks include beer and wine and well drinks but also $2 off all of the house cocktails. I enjoyed a Rose City Sour for just $6. It was made with egg whites (something that I am enjoying more and more) and came garnished with a yummy brandied cherry.

Service is harder to judge at Tilt with their cafeteria-style setup. It's definitely efficient...and really that's what matters more than anything.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets


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