Monday, March 17, 2014

Kerns Kitchen

2935 NE Glisan Street
Happy Hour: 3 - 6, Monday through Saturday

Happy Hour at Kerns Kitchen is now available from 3 - 6 PM Monday through Saturday. We were there just a few months back for their grand opening Pizza Party, loved every bite--they have WAY more than just pizza--but were a bit disappointed that they wouldn't be offering happy hour. Not to worry. They've caught on. And we are so glad they did.

The food menu at Kerns Kitchen includes a little bit of everything. The pricing is tiered ($2 - $6) and includes snacks, my favorite kale salad, and a number of items that could easily make a meal. Specialty cocktails are $7.50 each and there's a dollar discount on all beer and wine.

We were there after a long week at work and--with plans to make this happy hour count as dinner--ordered a little bit of everything. We started with a plate of deviled eggs. Served four to the plate, this was a perfect shareable snack priced at only three dollars. These ones are smoked and come with just a little punch of heat. Nothing to worry about, though. They're delicious.

Not long after the eggs arrived did the rest of the food make it to the table.

The kale salad--made with dates, sunflower seeds, parmesan cheese, and a lemon vinaigrette--is what I remember most from our first time here. It must be the dates. I've had them in salads twice now--here as a kale salad and then the Wedge Salad at The Old Gold--and have loved them both. The chewiness adds so much to the texture of the greens. Kale is pretty common, but this one is done so well (I almost ordered two). The dinner menu includes a few other salad options, but the kale salad is the only one available at a discount during happy hour. At half the cost, it makes sense that the portion would be a bit smaller.

Without having had a chance to cross reference the regular dinner menu with the happy hour menu, we were both surprised by the addition of bacon to the mac and cheese. Thankfully, I had been more eager to sample the Margherita pizza (again!). I would hope that the mac and cheese could be made without bacon in the future (now that I know) but I have a feeling that I will always order the pizza (because it's just that good).

The potato "spuds" had a fun texture and came with plenty of dipping sauce. Served in a mini iron skillet, these wedges would definitely satisfy any fried food cravings.

Having already decided that I love the pizza at Kerns Kitchen, it was easy to decide on (and devour) a Margherita Pizza. There are plenty of other tempting topping options listed on the regular menu that you will NEED to try (including the Bacon Blue) but if you are looking for a discount, the Margherita is the way to go. It's just $6 during happy hour.

The food is not the only thing that will bring me back to Kerns Kitchen again and again. They have a great patio that is--I'm convinced--going to fill up fast once the sun comes out to stay. It's partially covered, so it's a safe bet even during these first months of Spring when the clouds roll by between sun breaks. They've got plenty of tables, both in and out of the direct sunlight.

Although not included on the happy hour menu, the desserts at Kerns Kitchen are something worth mentioning. At our first visit, I had a chance to taste a little bit of everything. It's all pretty fantastic. This time we ordered Gracie's Apple Pie. Even if you think you're already too full for dessert, order this sweet pizza pie. It's topped with ricotta and marscapone, caramelized apples, tart cherries, and a bourbon caramel sauce. Whatever you don't finish can be wrapped to go...and this dessert pizza makes for a pretty stellar breakfast treat.

It didn't take long for Kerns Kitchen to move from our Happy Hour Wish List to the list of Favorites. It's definitely a place we will visit again. And again. And again.

Food: Exceeds
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets


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