Sunday, March 30, 2014


7915 SE Stark Avenue
Happy Hour: 5 - 6 PM and ALL NIGHT Mondays

Tomorrow is Monday. The first day of the workweek. (For us, the first day back to school after a week of Spring Break.) It's not a night I usually think about going out for dinner. But all of a sudden, that's what I want. Maybe even every week. There are so many spots around Portland that offer stellar discounts all night on what they typically find to be the slowest nights of the week. Happy Hour is a pretty fantastic concept. ALL NIGHT Happy Hour is about ten times better...especially if you know where to go.

Redwood offers happy hour daily from 5 - 6 PM and ALL NIGHT on Mondays. And their happy hour is not just snacks and plates worth sharing. It can easily be a full meal. I did a little price comparisons (something I tend to do frequently to get a better idea of the true value of an establishment's happy hour) and quickly found the pattern. The majority of the items on the happy hour menu are discounted by two bucks, making an early dinner (or dining out on Mondays) a pretty fantastic choice.

We were there after already hitting up a couple of other spots (it was Spring Break, after all) and were too full to really take advantage of the whole cheap dinner concept. We had room for some shareable snacks, though. And those shareable snacks were enough to have us wanting more. (Maybe one of us has already been back for more....)

Served with a chili vinegar dipping sauce, the cheddar and corn fritters had just enough crunch to keep you from thinking that the middle would be as cheesy and scrumptious as it was. Yum! These are hard to put down.

The fried Brussels Sprouts were crispy and delicious with just enough lemon to make them hard to stop eating. Seriously, it was worse than popcorn. This is a dish that's become more than popular on happy hour menus. At Redwood, they've done a great job seasoning the little green buds with a mix of cumin, coriander, and paprika. And they are sized just right that they are easy to eat. And eat. And eat.

Despite the number of discounts available on drinks during happy hour--well drinks are just three dollars, miller high life a buck, and both wine and draught beer are discounted by a dollar each--we both opted for one of Redwood's specialty cocktails. The Redwood Original is a mix of Ancient Age bourbon, sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters, muddled orange, lime and a cherry.

I enjoyed the La Llarona--which was made even better by the bright sunshine--with its Hornitos tequila, house-made cordial, muddled lime, and little (I assume house-made) sour.

Although I still miss the cute old man who owned and ran the restaurant housed in this same spot years ago, I will be back to Redwood (maybe tomorrow?) for a discounted dinner and then again another day for lunch or even brunch (which I hear is pretty commendable and comes with very little wait).

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