Sunday, March 16, 2014


734 SE 6th Avenue
Happy Hour: 4 - 7 PM, Tuesday through Sunday and ALL NIGHT Wednesday

It is our opinion that happy hour discounts should ALWAYS apply to both food and drink. That's been a big factor when judging the value of happy hour since before the start of this blog. And it plays a pretty major part when considering who to add to our list of favorites. At Voicebox, they offer discounts on food and drinks AND karaoke. That might be worth a few extra credit points...maybe enough to even earn an A+.

We first learned about the new SE location of Voicebox when we were invited to attend their grand opening celebration in November. We loved the cocktail menu, the private karaoke rooms of varying sizes, and that they would be offering happy hour discounts on everything. It didn't take long before we started making plans for a return trip.

Happy Hour at Voicebox is available weekdays from four to seven. They offer a dollar off of all food and drinks--including oversized bowls of all your favorite candy--plus discounts on the private karaoke rooms. With fewer than ten people, the price is just four dollars per hour, per person. We reserved the room for two hours but managed to tack on an extra hour or so since we were having so much fun. Even at full price, it was worth every penny.

During that time, we sang--or attempted to sing--over forty songs, consumed two full bowls of gummy worms, and ordered almost every variation of tator tots available on their food menu. Our playlist arrived via email a few days after we had booked the room. It's a fun reminder but also a great resource for the next time we're there.

There's no requirement to sing once you're in one of those private karaoke rooms. You don't even have to leave the bar if you don't want to. If the food and drinks are enough to get you to Voicebox, go. And then go again with a room reserved and your playlist ready.

Voicebox now has a full bar--it's not just Sake, anymore--and a drink menu that makes me want to try one of everything. I sipped on the Blood & Sand while perusing the songbook but also had a drink or two of everything else that was delivered to the room.

They had a number of sandwiches listed on the menu that sounded appealing, but I couldn't resist the Tot-chos. The tots are baked--not fried--and came topped with cheese, black beans, jalapeƱos, corn, guacamole, and sour cream. They were a little messy but easy enough to share.

Also easy to share were the bowls of candy. They've got gummy worms, mike and ikes, and m&ms on the menu--all at a discount during happy hour.

I had only been to the NW location once, but I have a feeling that we will become far more regular in our visits to Voicebox SE. I can't promise that my singing will improve, but I know I will have a blast every time.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Exceeds
Ambiance: Exceeds
Value: Exceeds


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