Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yorgo's Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill

5421 N Greeley Avenue
Happy Hour: 3 - 7 PM and 10 - close, daily

Every June, we end the school year with a golf tournament. It's held on an actual golf course and some of us bring real golf clubs, but it's not really about golfing. Not by a long shot. We play a few holes like we are supposed to but then we bring out the baseball bats, the sling shot, maybe a frisbee and a few tennis balls. There are drinks and snacks and I usually make cart-side guacamole. Too many of us rent golf carts, we get dirty looks from the official starter, and occasionally someone gets locked in the porta-potty. It's the last day of school and after spending one hundred and seventy some days with one hundred and seventy some middle schoolers, we are ready to let go.

Along with my cart-side guacamole tradition--I've been mashing avocados at the fifth hole for about four years straight--I like to bring something special to sip on. Don't worry, I always share. In the past I have made lemon drops and birthday cake shots. Last year, hurricanes were the drink of choice. And when our favorite Spanish teacher retired, I made her a big blue bottle of AMF so that she could say goodbye to teaching in style. This year, I am ready to try something new. And I wouldn't know about this amazingly delicious yet oh-so-simple treat if I had never walked into Yorgo's.

Yorgo's added a whole lot more to their name a couple of years ago but since my sister has lived a few blocks down the street for so long, we can't call it by anything other than Yorgo's. It doesn't have the best curb appeal--and you have to walk through a wall of smoke on your way in--but they are working to transition the place into something a little more inviting. They've got plenty of seating, pool tables and shuffleboard, a number of big screen TVs ready with basketball and soccer and baseball and mixed-martial arts, and my new favorite boozy treat: pudding shots. Served in a plastic lidded cup, this fortified chocolatey treat is so good we each ordered two. Bookends, my sister called them. They're listed under appetizers on the main menu but deserve to be called dessert, too.

Yorgo's offers happy hour twice daily, from three to seven and again from ten to closing. That's a lot of time in one day to receive discounts on both food and drink. And they have daily specials, both a beer of the day and a shot of the day, and a number of items that are so reasonably priced it doesn't really matter if you are there at the wrong time of day.

There's a lot of fried food on the menu but there are a few healthy options in the mix, too. On the happy hour menu, they have soups and salads ad even half a sandwich mixed in with the typical fries and tots and mozzarella cheese sticks.

We opted for the veggies sausage sliders ($4.95). Served two to a plate, these little guys are piled high with grilled onions that are held in place with a piece of melting cheddar cheese. There's a pickle in there too, which helped the flavor combination--at least as they stand in my brain--transition from breakfast into something else.

Despite the low price tag, the tater tots ($2.95) are served in a sizable basket. My sister and I were sharing them and still did not finish the whole thing. It's a whole lotta tots.

To wash it all down, the two of us finished off a Bloody Mary each. If we were there on a Monday, each of these could have been served with a slice of bacon..because on Mondays every beer or cocktail ordered comes with a free slice of crisp bacon. I, however, am not sure if they offer veggie bacon in addition to those veggie sausages.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Exceeds
Ambiance: Nearly Meets
Value: Exceeds


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