Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tastiest Fast Feasts on Earth: Chowzter Global Awards 2014 in London!

We are beyond excited to be invited to attend the Chowzter Tastiest Fast Feasts London Global Awards. What is a fast feast you may ask. Don't let the title fool you. It's not about fast food. It's about a delicious meal from local food producers that include healthy, fresh ingredients prepared when you order.

We are working with Chowzter to find the best food Portland has to offer. Any Portlandian knows that we have so much food to discover in our city that it can become a never-ending meal. Last year, Portland was named foodiest city in North America during the Chowzter North American Awards and two of our Portland favorites made it into the top fifty for all of North America. Dove Vivi's Cornmeal Crust Pizza was listed at number 30 and the Beet Sliders at Huckleberry Pub were number 10.

This week we will be traveling to London to represent Portland during the World Awards. This time the Beet Sliders at Huckleberry Pub made it into the top 5 vegetarian dishes in the WORLD! I have high hopes that they will be the overall winner for the vegetarian category. I mean, beets! Come on. Most of  us don't even like them. Well, at least that is how it was at first...for all three of us. That's until my co-blogger, B, ate the beet sliders at Huckleberry Pub. In one bite, she went from a beet-hating vegetarian to waving the beet banner all over Portland.

I love meat so the idea of beets as a slider did not really appeal to me. I would rather have some carne!  I didn't believe B, so I had to make my own visit to the Huckleberry Pub. I ordered the sliders and a steak sandwich (in case I was let down by the beets). I was not disappointed! In fact, I'm still surprised that I liked them. It is the only time I have ever liked beets. The sliders had both red and golden beets and were served with a horseradish sauce, arugula, and grilled onions. I think I could almost trick my mind into thinking I was eating meat because it was so flavorful.

We had to talk to the creator of this unique vegetarian dish that could convert beet haters. We were lucky the owner and Chef at the Huckleberry Pub, James Drinkward, was there during our visit. He was able to come and speak with us and answer a few of our questions. I really wanted to know how and why he even thought to make beet sliders. I mean sliders are a usual menu item, but beets? James explained that he--like me--is a meat lover, but knows that Portland loves its vegetarians, too. He wanted to make a vegetarian slider and experimented until he had the perfect combination of flavors. James turned to beets because he wanted the sliders to be hearty. He often chooses root vegetables to use in many of his dishes and he has always been a beet lover. It seemed as though beets were the most obvious choice. Well done, James! You have created one of the world's tastiest fast feasts! A tasty, healthy vegetarian slider that even a meat lover would order.

We are excited to be promoting Portland and the Beet Sliders in London this weekend. We will be posting all weekend long on social media to keep you up to date. Wish Portland and The Huckleberry Pub good luck!


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