Wednesday, June 25, 2014


3951 N Mississippi Avenue
Happy Hour: 5 - 7, Tuesday through Sunday

While we were still dating, my husband lived a block off of Mississippi Avenue. It was an amazing neighborhood to live in, but a spendy one, for sure. With enough willpower, I'm sure we could have stayed in every night. But there were so many restaurants and everything was within walking distance. It was just too hard to say no. We still head back to certain favorites now and then, but it had been quite awhile since I had really paid attention to the new spots that had opened up shop. Now, of course, it is my mission to get to every single one of them--or at least those with happy hour offerings--between now and the end of summer break.

Radar is one of those places that moved in after we moved out. I am pretty sure that there used to be a bike shop in that space. Either way, it's in a row of restaurants all scrunched together just south of Shaver. (It's a good row of favorites--Sidecar 11, Gravy, Moloko, plus Equinox just around the corner--so if Radar has a wait you can always make it your second stop.) They offer small plates Tuesday through Sunday starting at five, brunch on the weekends from ten to two, and happy hour for the first two hours they're open each night. The happy hour menu includes discounts on snacks as well as wine and at least one cocktail. It's a decent set up and might just be the perfect way to lead into a multi-course meal. Even without the discounts, the descriptions of some of the dinner items make it sound well-worth the price.

We stopped in last week for a drink, some snacks, and a impromptu conversation about ice. Ice is big when you are crafting fancy cocktails. They take it seriously. It's pretty fantastic. Fantastic enough that it makes me want to go back to try another round of cocktails just to see which style of ice each drink will be paired with. The coolest one isn't even pictured.

While we were still making decisions on food, our server dropped off a tiny ramekin piled high with roasted garbanzo beans. (I love a happy hour that includes complimentary snacking.) These had just the right amount of crunch and were covered in smoked paprika.

Although the Sope is usually served with skirt steak, I requested one without. Thankfully, our server recognized what that meant and came back quickly to warn me of the true ingredients in the masa cake. I was still able to enjoy the dish--and enjoy it, I did--with the substitution of a perfectly-sized tortilla round. I appreciated the accommodations immensely. If the Sope is as good as it was without the masa cake and the skirt steak (the main ingredients, mind you), I'm sure it will be a favorite to many.

The rest of the meal became a bit of a theme (unintentionally so, of course). The soup is not included in the happy hour listings, but at only four dollars per bowl it is perfectly priced. The soup that day was a creamy cauliflower soup, and although it was quite warm out, it sounded too good to pass up.

The favorite for everyone at the table, though, was the plate of cauliflower fritters. Served with bravas sauce, these lightly battered cauliflower bites had more favorable flavor than either one of us expected. They are most definitely something that I will order with each return visit.

With delicious food, quality crafted cocktails, and serious attention to detail, a visit to Radar--whether it be for happy hour not--is a must.

Food: Exceeds
Drinks: Meets
Service: Exceeds
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets


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