Monday, July 07, 2014

Rae's Lakeview Lounge

1900 NW 27th Avenue
Happy Hour: 2 - 6 PM, daily

There's no lake at Rae's Lakeview Lounge. They are pretty clear about that on their website--like a disclaimer--but I want to know why. What's the story behind a lakeless lakeview restaurant? Is there something more to it or is this simply a conversation starter? A way to get people in the door? I am seriously curious. Please comment away, Rae.

We stopped in on Saturday for some early afternoon grazing. It's not easy finding happy hour in NW on a Saturday, but Rae's offers it...starting at two. They have happy hour daily (bonus points!) from two to six PM with a long list of discounted food items and a dollar off both wine and well drinks. Miller High Life is available by the bottle for a buck and if you are in the mood for a cocktail, they're really not that much more. The most expensive thing I found on the list of mixed drinks was just $8.50. In my opinion, that's fairly reasonable but--for extra bonus points--we'd love to see a discounted "cocktail of the day" make an appearance to Rae's happy hour offerings.

Icy pint-sized cocktails made the most sense on Saturday--as they will again today with temperatures in the upper eighties. Pictured are the Fizzy Lizzy--served by Lizzy, herself--and a Mojito Grande. The Fizzy Lizzy is a mix of cranberry, fresh lemon and lime, raspberry vodka, and soda. It's tart, but super drinkable.

The Mojito was one of the best I've had since my last trip to Mexico. The ingredients fit the norm, so I'm not sure what made it that much better than all the rest. Could have been the organic mint? Maybe it was just the right ratio? Perhaps it was all that muddling action? I guess I will never know. But at only $6.50 each, I'd be happy to try it again (and again) to see if the reasons behind the quality become that much more obvious.

As a part of our smorgasbord of snacks, we ordered the Almonds & Olives ($3), the Black & Tan Hummus ($4.50), some cheese waffles ($4.50), and a house-made black bean Veggie Burger ($5).

The Almonds & Olives were a perfect match of sweet and salt. It was almost too perfect as I kept going back for one more, and then another, and another...alternating between flavors with each bite.

Served with pita chips (not the ones from a bag) and thinly sliced cucumber, the Black & Tan hummus was a great pick for sharing. The cucumber was just a bit too thin for scooping purposes but worked well as a topper when--as etiquette suggests--I used my fork and knife to spread a little dip on each chip. The pita chips were good--and an excellent vessel for both the traditional chickpea hummus and the black bean version--but definitely not good for me.

Also not good for me was the plate of cheese waffles. I, however, could not resist the cheese-smothered waffle fries served with house-made ranch dressing. This is one of those dishes that is okay to order when you are planning to share, but dangerous--seriously, dangerous--if you are working to finish it all alone. They are just too good.

Made with black beans and barley, the house made veggie patty came dressed with spinach, thick slices of tomato, caramelized onions (that was my favorite part), mayo, and a slice of swiss cheese.

Despite the whole missing lake thing, I was super impressed with Rae's Lakeview Lounge. Service was good, the food both cheap and delicious, and the layout of the place is so inviting it makes me want to go back just to hang out. Next time--unless it's for one of their bottomless mimosa brunches--I will definitely make room for the Happy Hour Bread Pudding. I love discounted desserts!

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Exceeds


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  1. So some of you are STILL wondering about the View of the Lake No Reservations. No Lake.'s_Lake
    Portland fun facts :) there would be a view of a lake....haha. Happy Hour still rocks with or without the lake though. Thanks for coming & giving us a try. btw I agree the Mojito is irresistible, I think it's the magic of enthusiastic muddling fresh organic mint perhaps....One of those minty delights never seems to be enough especially with this awesome weather lately!