Wednesday, August 20, 2014


4057 N Mississippi Avenue
Happy Hour: 3 - 6 PM, Monday through Friday; 10 - close on Sundays

It's nearly impossible to believe that I could have actually found another new favorite. Or, I suppose it's just like me and milkshakes. There's no real all-time fave. But there is a seasonal favorite, and made-at-home favorite, and a favorite from the fast food joint in my hometown. As long as I can put some kind of extra title on it, it can be another favorite. Same with restaurants. Same with happy hour. It's even the same with cocktails.

My newest favorite made it to the top for two reasons. Sure, the food is good. The cocktails, too. And the prices are quite stellar (which is a big plus when reviewing any new happy hour spot). But this place won me over with their service and their gorgeous patio. I guess I could have been lucky with just the right server...but I know for sure that this is a place I want to be at when the sun is out.

Interurban is located on Mississippi Avenue and offers happy hour from three to six on weekdays. They also do a late night happy hour on Sundays from ten until they close their doors. They have a great menu with a variety of items all reasonably priced. The majority of the items are between three and six bucks, but they do have fries & aioli for $2 or oysters & bubbles for ten. Oh, and there's a dessert item on the happy hour menu (always worth extra credit, in my opinion). It's a warm oatmeal cookie--which means you have to wait for it because it's coming to you fresh from the oven--and it's only three bucks.

We ordered the fries (of course), a quesadilla ($4), the polenta croquettes ($3), and the grilled broccolini ($4) plus a couple of cocktails.

The grilled broccolini had just a hint of heat with their chili flakes. The parmesan cheese was a nice touch and the fact that they were cooked just right made me love that this veggie was available at a discount.

Although ours came with it on the side, the quesadilla is more than just melted cheese and a little pico de gallo. This one comes stuffed with an oh-so-meaty chili and plenty of ooey-gooey cheese. You can order yours with the chili on the side (like we did) or they'll even chop up some of the broccolini as a substitute, if you'd rather.

For just two bucks, I was expecting a much smaller plate of fries. These ones seemed almost endless and came with a good amount of aioli.

I was seconds away from loving the polenta croquettes--seriously LOVING those little balls of fried polenta--until I spotted the teeniest triangle of what looked like processed meat. I checked the happy hour menu--only warning mentioned was concerning raw egg--and then cross referenced the regular menu to find absolutely no mention of meat. When our server came by again, we learned that these near perfect, snack-sized polenta treats were in fact tainted with pepperoni. All of this would have been fine, of course, had there been any mention of it on the menu. This vegetarian, however, does not like to be surprised by the presence of meat. It's not going to keep me from going back, of course...but I thought it best to spread the warning to any other vegetarians out there.

Knowing we were headed to a second location kept me from ordering the berry salad, the black lentil stew, and the Mexicali grilled corn (all priced at just $5 on the regular dinner menu). This, of course, gives me reason to return before too long. You should their patio is one that everyone should see before the rains return.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Exceeds
Ambiance: Exceeds (patio seating)
Value: Meets


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