Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Face Rock Creamery @ Dig a Pony

I've been a vegetarian since I was twelve. In the earliest years, I ate a lot of cheese. Cheese and bread. Cheese and crackers. Cheese and pasta. I consumed more than my fair share of cheddar and a ridiculous amount of carbohydrates. Now I eat vegetables, legumes, and the like...but I haven't given up on cheese.

Reading through old posts, it's obvious that I love cheese. Sure, I will order a cheese plate here and there. But it's the macaroni and cheese that I can't seem to avoid. Over the years, I've posted so many pictures of macaroni and cheese that my mom is convinced it's one of Portland's specialties. Perhaps it is. Or perhaps it's just me (which would mean I might need to branch out a bit).

The macaroni and cheese on the happy hour menu at Dig A Pony is one that I especially enjoy. It starts with a great pasta (a shape that really allows the cheesy goodness to cling right on, making every bite even better than the last) but it's the cheese that really makes it what it is. And now I know where that cheese is coming from.

I first came across Face Rock Creamery last fall at The Wedge, a cheesy event held annually with proceeds going to the Oregon Cheese Guild. I sampled a lot of cheese that day, but only went back for seconds at a couple of tents. The extra stop at Face Rock wasn't just for a second taste. That was one of the only purchases we made that day.

Face Rock Creamery is located on Highway 101 in Bandon, Oregon. It's only a four-hour drive to the creamery (where you can find ALL of their cheese offerings) but the basics are available at New Seasons Markets, Food Front, Green Zebra, Costco AND in a few of the dishes at Dig A Pony--including their macaroni and cheese.

I enjoyed samples, a few specially-made snackables, and perfectly paired mini cocktails at Dig A Pony earlier this week. (I then made a trip to Costco the very next day to buy the big block of Aged Cheddar--just $9.99 per pound.) You can enjoy some of the same at their 2-year Anniversary Party May 9th and 10th. Enjoy live music, Arch Rock Brewing, BBQ, and lots and lots of cheese. It'll be well worth the drive.

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