Thursday, July 16, 2015

New American

2103 N Killingsworth Street
Happy Hour: TBA

In between happy hours? What's that all about? Happy Hour at New American used to be a thing. I know. I took a picture of the menu just a few months ago. It was on my "to do" list for such a short period of time and already--ALREADY--they've switched things up. Thankfully, they have plenty of small bites on the menu, they still offer a discounted cocktail of the day (or at least they did that day), and they're planning to revamp the menu and get happy hour back in the mix...eventually.

New American opened in the last year with big plans to change the way take out is done. The owners have kids of their own and wanted more than anything to create a family-friendly establishment that would make getting dinner on the table that much easier. Their online ordering makes that possible. As does the build-your-meal menu, allowing customers to pick and choose from a list of main courses and sides--buying just the amount that is needed. And if you are planning to dine in, the tables are perfect for a party of two or a party of twelve.

We stopped in earlier this week not knowing that happy hour had been put on hold. Sure, we could have hit up another happy hour in the neighborhood (Old Gold is right next door!) but we decided to make the most of it. They've got plenty of good food AND they've added a full bar--with a super fun list of specialty cocktails.

I started with the Killingsworth Kooler. It's a mix of bourbon and fruit juices and is a perfect option on a hot HOT summer day. I also snapped a picture of the Italian Greyhound--with grapefruit juice, Cocchi Americano, vodka, and tarragon--and the Bee's Knees, which is a mix of gin and cava, lemon and honey. They have a number of cocktails mostly premixed and available on tap, too. I'm not sure how much faster it makes getting a drink, but cocktails on tap have become quite the thing lately.

To accompany our chosen cocktails, we ordered a plate of nachos, an essential burger (with bacon, cheddar, and a side of slaw), the kale salad, and a small order of the cheesy polenta.

The burger was a huge hit (and not just because it was HUGE). It really is a mystery how some burgers make it down the hatch without being completely destroyed in the process. Perhaps it was the bacon and cheddar add-ons that made it tower like it did. Either way, it turned out to be a pretty good food choice (despite the mess it made and the fact that the bottom bun soaked through before it had been completely consumed).

Piled high on top of what looked to be house-made tortilla chips, the nachos were smothered with vegan black beans, roasted tomato salsa, sour cream, a sprinkling of queso fresco, and sliced avocado. Next time I'm in, I will definitely consider ordering an extra plate of these "for the table."

Like with every visit, I ordered the kale salad. It's a great mix of kale, raisins (something I usually avoid), and crispy fried onions. The dressing isn't too heavy and the combination of textures (and crunch) make it hard to put down the fork before the plate's empty. The salad was a bit heavy on fried onions this time...but I know that's not usually the case. I will continue to order this salad every time I am there (whether it's to pick up something to go or to dine in) because it's just that good.

And I couldn't not order the cheesy polenta to go with my salad. Creamy polenta is one of my favorites lately (like, for the past five years) and this one is made with melted white cheddar cheese (yum!). I did, however, get to the plate before snapping a picture. Argh! It happens.

There's no way I won't be back to New American in the near future. I've got to track down their official happy hour at some point. And when I do, I'll be sure to tell you just how it rates.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Exceeds
Service: Meets (but you've got to order at the bar)
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets


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