Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Swift & Union

8103 N Denver Avenue
Happy Hour: 4 - 6, weekdays

It's been more than two months since my last blog post. (This sounds a bit like a confession, which I suppose--in a way--it is.) As it turns out, blogging while teaching and being a mother to a very small child is REALLY HARD. No, it's not actually any more difficult to do than before. It's just difficult to find the time. I'm busy. We are all busy. But that doesn't mean we are done with this blog. We're just taking a bit of a break. Expect more time between posts for a while. You'll probably hear from us during the holidays, Spring Break, and again in the summer. And when the babies are older, we'll be back up to our normal blogging speed.

Those same babies (remember, there are three bloggers and two bloggin' babies) have also led us to a whole new category of happy hour. We need crayons, space to play, patient servers, and a changing table in every bathroom. And we need minors to be allowed during happy hour (which is not always the case and rarely advertised on an establishment's website). But we knew that the happy hour at Swift & Union would welcome our small children because they are a spinoff of the very family-friendly Tabor Tavern. (Minors must be seated by seven and off the premises by 8 PM at both locations.)

Swift & Union is new to the Kenton neighborhood and offers happy hour weekdays between four and six. The menu is somewhat seasonal, offers just enough variety, and includes items big enough to call dinner. Prices on the food menu range from 2 to 6 dollars and the discounts on drinks include more than just beer and wine. There's a $5 rotating cocktail (and the rest of the specialty cocktails aren't that much more, anyway).

Dining with a very small someone (who is just learning to feed herself), I opted for mostly finger foods. The pretzel was a perfect fit and only three dollars. I could have used a little more salt (that's just me) but the mustard made up for any lacking qualities. It's definitely more than just your everyday whole grain mustard.

The watermelon spears were perfect for the warm days last month but have since been replaced with a more seasonally appropriate item. They'll probably be back, someday.

And although there are plenty of vegetarian options available on the regular food menu, the happy hour menu didn't have much else to offer--other than the house salad, of course. A mix of simple greens and a few sliced radishes, a sprinkling of pepitas, and a cumin lime vinaigrette, this salad was worth the price (it's just three dollars during happy hour) but left me wanting more. Next time, I'll be sure to check out the regular menu, too. They've got sides (that are priced just as low as some of the happy hour food offerings) and a number of salads with tofu (or chicken) add-ons available.

Service was great (despite how crowded it became while we were there) and the Union Burger we brought home (for daddy) got two thumbs up. It's not as conveniently located as Tabor Tavern is (for us) but it's definitely a place we will hit, again and again.

Food: Meets
Drinks: Meets
Service: Meets
Ambiance: Meets
Value: Meets


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